Line Marking Paint - Chlorinated Rubber

Our Quick Drying Line Marking Paint is a high performance solvent-borne line marker coating based on Chlorinated Rubber Resins for use on interior and exterior bare concrete, asphalt, painted floors, aged blacktop, thermoplastic coverings and most types of painted lines and floor paints.

Unique high-build, high-opacity coating which is formulated to give excellent results in just one application. Developed to be highly reflective, chemically resistant and slip resistant. Suitable for use on roads, car parks, factory lines and airports. Meets BS6044.

Substrate must be fully through dry, remove any surface laitance or contamination or loose and flaking material which my interfere with the adhesion of the coatings to be applied. Smooth or power floated concrete must be etched or abraded to provide a key. New Blacktop may require a sealer coat first.

New safer lead free, and Toluene free formulation. Pigmented with organic, inorganic and selected extenders. Highly Flammable, must be stored in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Highly Flammable Liquids and Petroleum Gases Regulations 1972.

Theoretical coverage 2.85 square meters per litre. Practical coverage 50-57 linear meters at 5cm width per litre, this may vary depending on the porosity and profile of the substrate. Touch dry in approximately 15-20 minutes at 20°C, normal relative humidity and good drying conditions. Volume solids 50%. Typical dry film thickness 175 microns. Apply by roller or brush for smaller areas, or line laser type machine for larger areas. Thinner and cleaner TH19 Quick Drying Thinners (see links on right hand side of page).

Quick drying Line Marking Paint Chlorinated Rubber is available in White and Yellow in 5.00 Litres.

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Line Marking Paint - Chlorinated Rubber

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