Quick Drying Red Oxide Primer

Quick Drying Red Oxide Primer is a fast drying single pack alkyd primer for prepared steel components and fabrications. Matt finish. It provides superior adhesion compared to standard red oxide primers, together with a powerful rust inhibiting action.

Prepare surfaces properly. Remove wax and degrease surfaces using Grax-it, or other suitable proprietory degreaser. Suitable for brush, roller or spray application. Select a short pile solvent-resistant mini roller sleeve for roller application. For spray application thin with TH19 thinner, it doesn't usually require very much, exact thinning ratio will depend on type of spray equipment and the manufacturers recommendations. However, for airless spray application a tip size 0.019 inch to 0.021 inch and 2000 psi atomising pressure is suggested.

Theoretical coverage 10 square meters per litre, practical coverage 8 square meters per litre. Clean equipment with TH19 Thinner. Touch dry in approximately 30 minutes at 20 deg C, and hard dry in 2 hours at normal relative humidity and good drying conditions. Minimum over-coating interval 1 hour, maximum over-coating interval 28 days. Typical dry film thickness (DFT): 45 microns (from 100 microns wet).

Not suitable for water immersed environments, not suitable for over-coating with 2-pack coatings.

Available in Red Oxide Matt finish in 1L and 5L only.

1 litre£10.17
5 litre£47.25

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