Industrial Tractor Enamels

Tractor Enamel is a high gloss enamel suitable for protecting a wide variety of farm machinery and equipment. They are quick drying with low odour and are available in a range of popular matched colours including:

Ford Tractor Blue, Massey Stoneleigh Grey, Landrover Green, International Harvester Red, JCB Yellow, John Deere Green, Implement Black, Massey Ferguson Red.

The following specifications normally apply:

Bare Steel - Chip, scrape and wire brush to ST2 Swedish Standard and prime with Semi-Gloss Farm Oxide thinned with upto 15% White Spirit followed when dry by one or two coats of Tractor Enamel.

Previously Painted - All previously painted areas must be checked for adhesion of existing coatings. If unsound, remove and treat as bare. If sound one or two coats of Tractor Enamel as required.

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Industrial Tractor Enamels

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