Mordant Solution / T Wash

A pre-treatment for galvanised steel to ensure the subsequent adhesion of a wide range of coatings. A colour change from grey to black is visual proof that the entire surface has been satisfactorily treated.

Mordant/T-Wash is often replaced by modern single pack adhesion promoting primers, or all-in-one primer and finishes. These modern coatings remove the labour and material costs of the traditional acid-based mordant pre-treatment stage.

Ensure that all oil and grease are thoroughly removed (particularly important on new - or unweathered galvanised steel) by swabbing with Grax-it Wax Remover & Degreaser, or other suitable degreasing agent, and washing down with liquid detergent and warm water, rinse well and allow to dry. Then thoroughly work the T-Wash into the surface using a paint brush, ensuring that the entire surface changes colour. Wash off and allow to dry.

T-Wash is a pre-treatment only and should be overcoated with priming paints as soon as possible after the treatment has dried.

A clear blue solution which is available in 5 Litre size containers only.

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Mordant Solution / T Wash