Toupret Humi Stop - Anti Damp Treatment

Toupret Humistop - Anti-Damp Treatment is a specialist water-based white coating, formulated using fillers and synthetic binder's for the treatment of damp interior walls before painting or wallpapering. Suitable for application to damp (but not dripping) interior substrates, including cement, concrete, brick, stone. Can be overcoated with any Toupret filler or any standard decorative coating system.

  • Stops humidity and protects decoration.
  • Covers micro cracks.
  • Produces a continuous flexible barrier film.

Toupret are a french filler company who have invested heavily in research and development. They are certainly not the cheapest manufacturer, but they do provide the professional with a reliable range of extremely high quality fillers and filling systems to meet the most demanding applications.

Remove all loose and flaking material, treat ferrous metal (steel etc.) with a rust inhibiting primer. Let very damp surfaces partially dry out. Ventilate rooms well to allow drying of the surfaces. Treat the entire wall. Apply two cross coats by brush or roller. Apply the first coat thinned 5% with clean water to satisfy the porosity of bare substrates. Allow to dry. Apply the second coat undiluted.

Minimum overcoating interval 24 hours at temperature of 20°C and good drying conditions. Theoretical coverage 3 square meters per litre/per coat. Do not apply if temperatures are below 10°C, especially in areas of low ventilation.

Toupret Humistop - Anti-Damp Treatment is available in 1 litre cans in White only.

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Toupret Humi Stop - Anti Damp Treatment