Toupret Fibarex - Multi-purpose exterior filler.

Toupret Fibarex is an ideal multi-purpose exterior filler with added fibres to strengthen the resulting repair. Use for filling and repair of holes and cracks of any size, on exterior substrates.

  • Contains added micro-fibres for a a strong repair.
  • Strong adhesion.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Easy to sand.
  • moisture vapour permeable.
  • Sets in 30 minutes.
  • No thickness limitation.
  • Will not flash or grin.

Use Toupret Fibarex on exterior substrates such as plaster, previously painted surfaces (excluding water-proofing coatings), cement, concrete, breeze blocks, brick, stone, glass and earthenware tiles. Use as a gap filler, filling holes and indentations, concrete bubbling, and as a skimcoat if required.

Substrates should be properly prepared (sound, dry, clean, hard, and cohesive). Repairs can be overcoated when fully dry (minimum drying time 24 hours).

Note: For the best mix, always pour the powder into the water until the correct consistency is achieved. Thick consistency: 40% of water (0.4 litre of water per kilo of powder). Defects can be eliminated with a moist sponge as soon as the filler starts to harden. Working time: 30 minutes.

Toupret Fibarex is available in 1kg (split sack - no instructions) & 5 Kg bags, (1 kg of powder makes roughly 1 litre of filler).

1 kg (split sack - no instructions)£9.98
5 kg£51.28

*all prices include VAT

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Toupret Fibarex - Multi-purpose exterior filler.