Trimaco Brown Masking Paper

Trimaco Brown Masking Paper, a general purpose masking paper for masking up and protecting surfaces from water-based paints when painting and decorating, plastering, and applying water-based textured finishes. Thinner recycled grade paper. Strong enough for general purpose painting and spraying projects, but still fairly thin, so you may prefer using a slightly heavier weight paper from KIP, or a professional weight masking paper from fossa.

Standard core size. Fits all Trimaco and 3M hand masking machines. Available in 12 inch (300mm) and 6 inch (150mm) wide rolls, with 60 yards (54.8m) on each roll. Supplied as single rolls, or full cartons containing 12 rolls to save you even more.

single150mm x 54.8m£2.28
box of 12150mm x 54.8m£26.21
single300mm x 54.8m£4.15
box of 12300mm x 54.8m£48.06

*all prices include VAT