Wallpaper Seam Buster (Red)

Wallpaper Seam Buster double cutting wallpaper knife. Does not cut into drywall, plasterboard or lining paper when splicing wallpaper seams. Use for all fabric and all grade vinyl wallcoverings.

Wallpaper seam splices can often fail if you use a standard craft knife as the knife cuts into the liner or plasterboard paper finish, spliting and weakening the substrate. Use the seam buster to avoid this problem, and get a perfect seam every time.

Open up the wallpaper at the ceiling approx 2.5 inches with a regular knife, so you can get started with the seam buster. Use an up-down motion to get the tool in, making sure the shoe is behind the overlapping papers..

When cutting down the wall, do not press against the wall. Just slide down to avoid damaging the wall. Use a straight edge if required. The razor blade has 2 cutting edges, giving 4 cutting corners. After one corner is worn out, mark the blade, so that you don't inadvertantly reuse a worn out edge. Change blades regularly, as and when needed for best results. Replacement razor blades are available (see links on right hand side of page).

The Wallpaper Seam Buster is available to buy in singles.


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Wallpaper Seam Buster (Red)

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