Water Wiz Floor Applicator Pad Refill

High quality Water Wiz flocked foam 13mm refill pads (10mm foam / 3mm flocked pile / nap) which fit the Water Wiz Floor Applicator Block.

Fast, uniform, bubble-free coverage with water-borne paint and coatings including water-borne urathanes, floor lacquers, floor varnishes, acrylics etc.

Just select the correct width pad to fit your block applicator, fits all makes of hardwood block. Remove all loose fibres and rinse with water, before first application.

Water Wiz Refill pads available in the following widths 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch and 18 inch, and sold in singles.

10 inch£6.39
12 inch£6.67
14 inch£6.35
16 inch£7.77
18 inch£8.14

*all prices include VAT

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Water Wiz Floor Applicator Pad Refill