White French Polish

White French Polish is a solution of bleached shellac, dispersed in a fast drying alchohol carrier (Methylated Spirits) for pale coloured woods.

French polishing takes time to master, but it's also not rocket science, preparation of the surface before you begin to polish is the key:

On fully prepared (sanded and filled) surfaces: Shake bottle well, and apply by brush or a cloth 'rubber' (made by wrapping a piece of cotton wool in cotton or linen cloth no larger than a handkerchief).

Charge the Rubber by pouring a little polish onto the rubber, dab a tiny amount of linseed oil on the rubber for lubrication, and then work in a circular, or figure of 8 motion over the wooden surface. Once the vapour trails from the drying polish stop appearing, you will need to recharge the rubber.

Apply several coats, in between each coat you may gently abrade with very fine wire wool when dry if neccessary. Finish using straight even strokes with polish thinned with methylated spirits. For sealing wood before waxing, apply two coats by brush or cloth, you may need to thin the White French Polish by 20%, (up to as much as 50%) with methylated spirits when sealing bare timber.

White French Polish dries in 20 minutes, and can be reapplied after approximately 6 hours. Apply in a warm dry atmosphere allowing at least 24 hours for the surface to harden, before putting to use. Clean equipment with methylated spirits.

White French Polish is available in 250ml size only.

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White French Polish