White Shellac Knotting Solution (bleached)

White Knotting Solution uses bleached shellac, producing a clear almost colourless finish. Use for sealing knots and resinous areas of bare timber prior to the application of paints, waxes or polishes. Generally used under lightly coloured finishes to minimise colour change. White Knotting is not pigmented white, it's formulated using bleached shellac and is almost colourless compared with standard knotting.

Shake well. Apply the solution liberally to prepared bare timber, over and around the knot or resinous area by brush. Apply 1-2 coats. Allow to dry between coats (minimum 1 hour). When the treated area is to be overcoated with a water-based coating system, apply the  knotting solution more sparingly, and once dry, lightly abrade the surface to provide a key before overcoating.

Knotting solution can really only hold back extractive staining, from knots and resinous areas of timber bleeding through the paint coating film. It won't stop actual resin exudation, or bubbling of the paint film when the resin turns from a liquid into a gas. For these types of problems, gentle heating of the substrate to mobilise the resin, which you can wipe away with a rag dipped in methylated spirits, may help exhaust the knot. However problem knots often need drilling out and filling, and problem areas of resinous timber might need cutting out and splicing with new timber.

Do not overcoat with other coatings until fully dry. Clean brushes and equipment in methylated spirits.

White Shellac Knotting Solution is available in 250ml sizes only.

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White Shellac Knotting Solution (bleached)