Retractable Window / Glass Scraper - Razor Blade Type.

Stainless steel retractable window and glass scraper quickly removes paint drips, marks and other material stuck to the glass by scraping.

Takes standard single edge industrial razor blades (blade already prefitted), which are more effective than stanley type blades - due to their thin flexable stainless steel material. 4 cm blade width. Auto locking blade retracts for safety when not in use - better than a removable guard which often goes missing, leaving the blade exposed.

Heavy duty rust resistant, fully metal construction. Very comfortable ergonomic design only weighs 50g. Blades are easily replaced with suitable single edge razor blades which we stock (see links on right hand side of page).

Retractable Window / Glass Scraper is available as a single scraper prefitted with a blade, sold in singles, packs of three, or bulk packs of 10 scrapers to save you even more.

pack of 3£7.75
pack of 10£23.13

*all prices include VAT