Wooden Broom Handle

Heavy Duty Wooden Broom Handle. The Wooden Broom Handle fits all of our push fit Cast Metal Double Arm Roller Frames, and any of our other push fit roller frames. (see links on right hand side of page)

You can also convert our wooden broom handle into a sturdy and permanent screw-fit broom handle using the Enco Klamp-Tite Screw-fit Metal Adaptor, making them suitable for use with any of our screw-fit paint roller frames or tools.

Available to buy in singles, or at a fantastic bulk purchase price when bought in cartons of 5 or 10. Supplied with a strip of abrasive paper with every order to enable you to get a good fit with our frames.

pack of 5£13.56
pack of 10£27.25

*all prices include VAT