Zinsser Paper Tiger - Wallcovering Scoring Tool - Single Head

Zinsser Single Head Paper Tiger Wallcovering Scoring Tool perforates waterproof wallcoverings so remover solution can penetrate and resolubilize paste. Paper Tiger's single patented scoring module opens holes to let Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper penetrate and attack the paste.

In 1985, Zinsser introduced a wallpaper perforator tool that answered the need for a better way to perforate waterproof wallcoverings. This wallcovering tool, called PaperTiger, was as revolutionary an advance in its field as Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper was in remover solutions. With Zinsser Paper Tiger, scoring became faster, easier and safer for both worker and wall.

Zinsser Paper Tiger is easy to use. Just make circular movements across or up and down the wall to score the wallcovering. The Zinsser PaperTiger allows penetration through the wallcovering without damaging the wall itself. Other perforating and scoring devices use spikes which easily gouge drywall or plaster and cause unnecessary repairs to be made before proceeding with the wallcovering job. The Paper Tiger follows the contour of the wall including hollow areas or textured wallcovering surfaces. The cutter assembly self-aligns to both the wall and the direction of travel, thereby allowing the tool to be moved in any direction the user desires.

The latest models - multidirectional Zinsser PaperTigers- are even faster and easier to use than the original one-direction models. They let the user score an entire room in minutes.

A new Zinsser Tiger Claws cutting module of unique design is responsible for this improvement. This model has one cutting module.


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