18 inch Purdy Colossus Paint Roller Sleeve 0.5in Pile

18 inch Purdy Colossus medium pile double-arm paint roller sleeve is manufactured using a medium pile 0.5 inch/12mm twist pile 100% polyamide fabric. It is thermo-fused to a UK standard 1.5 inch plastic core, and fitted with end caps. Use with all our double arm paint roller frames listed on the right hand side of the page. Polyamide fabrics offer good loading, and coating release.

Suitable for use on all smooth to lightly textured surfaces with all paint types, including emulsions and acrylics on all interior and exterior projects, such as walls and ceilings.

18 inch Purdy Colossus Paint Roller cover 0.5 inch pile is individually bagged, and sold in singles, and decorator packs containing 3 paint roller covers to save you even more.

Don't forget your 14-24" Wet Bag for cheap and convenient storage of your Purdy 18" roller covers between jobs.

pack of 3£32.24

*all prices include VAT