Purdy 18 inch Paint Scuttle - 19 Litre

Purdy Dual Roll-Off Paint Scuttle, a hefty 22 inch wide professional painting contractors scuttle, for a pretty serious price. It's manufactured using sturdy impact resistant black polypropylene plastic. Heavy duty 8mm wire handle with comfortable plastic hand grip.

The scuttle is raised on 4 feet, with 18 inch textured roll of areas on both sides of scuttle, these toe-in towards the base, improving the scuttles stability slightly when rolling off.

Purdy Dual Roll-Off Paint Scuttle takes all paint rollers up to 18 inches. Approx internal dimensions (bottom) 22 x 7 inches, (top) 24 x 13 inches, (height) 10.5 inches. Rounded base for easy loading, and polished plastic interior easy cleaning. Maximum 19 Litre capacity,  although in practice, you're not going to fill it with much more than around 8 Litres of paint. Graduated measuring scale. Large pouring spout to aid returning unused paint back from the paint bucket to your paint container.

You can now buy an optional lid for this Purdy Scuttle, and also pack's of 3 plastic liners, see links on right hand side of page.

Purdy Dual Roll-Off Paint Scuttle is sold in singles, and packs of 2 scuttles to save you even more.



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