Purdy 18 inch Paint Scuttle Liners

Purdy Dual Roll-Off Paint Scuttle Liners. Freestanding semi-rigid opaque white plastic liner, which fits Purdy's 22 inch wide professional painting contractors scuttle. Handy for for quick colour changes, particularly where onsite washing facilities are limited, or impractical.

Purdy's matching Paint Scuttle lid also fits directly onto the liners (as they have a rim), it's not an absolutely brilliant fit, but it's effective enough for short term storage of water-borne coatings... say overnight, or, over a weekend. So if you buy these liners, you may want to buy an extra lid or two, to make more effective use of the liners for short term temporary storage of paint.

Purdy Dual Roll-Off Paint Scuttle Liner is sold in packs of 3 liners.

pack of 3£14.85

*all prices include VAT