200 mm Floor Scraper with blade

200 mm Floor Scraper with blade, used for cleaning and preparing floors, removing loose and flaking floor paint by scraping, and removing contamination - including grease, fat and dirt etc. Ideal for warehouses, workshops floors, food preparation areas and garages etc.

200mm (8 inch) replaceable sprung steel blade (see links on right hand side of page), with uniquely designed heavy duty galvanised steel head, that clamps to any size of wooden broom shank pole. Quick release wing nuts secure the head to the pole, and allow quick and easy blade changes.

Floor scraper head is supplied complete with sprung steel blade, but does not include a broom handle which you may need to purchase separately (see links on right hand side of page).

200mm Floor Scraper with blade is supplied in singles, and bulk packs of 6 to save you even more.

pack of 6£55.95

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200 mm Floor Scraper with blade