Plastic Paint Kettle 1 Litre

5 inch (1 Litre) light plastic painters kettle which has an optional plastic lid to store unused paint overnight. Strong wire metal carry handle with central hook point. Decant small quantities of paint into the kettle for handy application instead of using the original paint container. Our 1 litre paint kettle is perfect as a flexible mixing bowl, for mixing powdered fillers because of its rounded, easy clean bottom. For fillers with longer working times, the lid also comes in handy to stop it drying out.

  • Strong durable high impact polymer material.
  • Anti-drip lip.
  • Rounded easy clean bottom - paint or filler won't get stuck in the corners.
  • Prevents paint in original container from drying out or becoming contaminated.
  • Optional matching lid allows storage of unused paint overnight etc.
  • Handy for storing and/or carrying brushes and tools, nails, fixings and screws.

You can also buy this paint kettle in a larger 2.5 Litre size.

Our 1 Litre Plastic Paint Kettle is available in singles or packs of 10 at a bulk price.

*brush in photograph is shown for illustration purposes only.

pack of 10£9.17

*all prices include VAT