Brush Mate Can Handle

The Brush Mate Can Handle is a strong sturdy device which allows you to fasten just about any paint kettle, bucket or scuttle to the side of your extension ladder, keeping your hands free. Fits any ladder with rungs (not step-ladders with steps), and can be used on either the left or right hand side of the ladder by rotating the clamp mechanism 180 deg. Maximum safe weight approx 10kg.

  • Quick and easy to fit on virtually all extension ladders.
  • Holds paintpot, kettle or scuttle clear of the ladder - avoids the need to work through the rungs.
  • Grips the containers handle or rim.
  • Right or left handed use.
  • Moves up and down the ladder with you - easy to reposition.
  • Helps comply with working at height regulations.

The clamping arm now features a special 'pinch' designed to accept paint kettle handles and clamp them positively in place. The Brush Mate Can Handle can grip spray guns, cans, kettles, scuttles or buckets with or without handles, even rimless, plastic pots. It holds them clear of the ladder, so you don't have to reach through the rungs.

Brush Mate Can Handle is available in to purchase in singles, or bulk packs of 3 handles.

pack of 3£60.66

*all prices include VAT