15 Litre Paint Scuttle Plastic

15 Litre Plastic paint scuttle. Most popular 15L capacity paint bucket manufactured using sturdy impact resistant plastic. Wire carry handle with central notch, takes all rollers upto 12 inches. Approx internal dimensions (bottom) 14 x 7 inches, (top) 15.5 x 10 inches, (height) 9 inches. Rounded internal base so you can load your roller easily, and for easy cleaning and graduated measuring scale, also use it as a paste bucket.

A semi-clear plastic lid which fits this 15L paint scuttle is now available. Useful for temporarily storing paint during breaks, overnight, or even for a few days. Preventing your paint drying out.

Checkout our new scuttle liners, and rigid fossa pull-liners which fit this 15 Litre paint scuttle. They save you valuable time when changing colours and during final clean-up. Your scuttles last longer too.

This 15L plastic scuttle fits the Maxbo Scuttle Trap, an all stainless steel metal support, which locks to your plastic paint scuttle to stabilise it, stop it tipping over, reinforce the scuttles roll-off areas, and to stop your scuttle sliding when loading/unloading. It makes your paint scuttle dramatically rigid and stable.

Skuttle available in singles, promotional pack of 3 scuttle (+ 3 free scuttle liners), and bulk packs of 10 at a reduced price.

pack of 3 plus 3 free scuttle liners£14.16
pack of 10£43.36

*all prices include VAT