9 inch Cage Paint Roller Sleeve Knit Pink Polyester Medium Pile

Medium pile cage paint roller refill / sleeve with (12mm pile height) manufactured from a new improved knitted pink polyester fabric for 2012 which is noticably better than our standard polyester. Manufactured using the latest thermo-fusion machinery which bonds the fabric to the inner plastic core using an innovative heating process. Despite the new fabric, it's still economical for bulk users. High absorbancy fabric. Use for applying emulsions and other dispersion coatings.

1.75 inch dia. core for use with standard 1.75 diameter Cage Paint Roller frames (see links below photo). Available in 9 inch (23cm) size.

Sleeves are individually wrapped, sold in singles, cartons of 10, and bulk outer cartons containing 54 sleeves with bulk discount.

box of 10£23.68
carton of 54£121.12

*all prices include VAT