Simms 11 inch Heavy Duty Paint Tray

Simms T2005 ,Heavy Duty Trade Paint Roller Tray is a black super tough polypropylene paint roller tray designed for the professional decorator who prefers paint trays to paint scuttles. It's complimented by the Simms TrayArm lifting tool and extention pole support, Tray Covers, and the Simms innovative liner system for easy colour changes, using a patented spigot system to hold liners firmly in place.

**Watch a 60 second YouTube video of the Simms TrayArm Paint Tray System.**

The Canadian company T S Simms has a long and proud history of manufacturing painting and decorating tools for professionals. This innovative in-house designed paint tray is the No. 1 heavy duty 9 inch trade paint tray in Canada. It weighs almost 1/2 Kg ! So there is no twisting when picking up this tray, even when fully loaded with paint.

  • Extra thick polypropylene moulding.
  • Full side skirts for the best stability.
  • Accepts T2010 liners fixed with patented spigot system.
  • Extra deep 4 inch paint well.
  • 4mm high ribs on roll off area.
  • Convenient hand holds front and rear.

Internal width 11 inches, easily takes all paint rollers up to 9 inches wide. Ribbed roll off area with side drainage channels. Approx 1.5 litre maximum working capacity. External dimensions 16.5 inches long x 13 inches wide x 4 inches high.

Make sure you buy some matching Simms T2010 Liners, and Simms T-2015 Covers when you purchase this paint tray.

Don't forget to buy a Kovrd Paint Tray Wet Bag, to keep tools and trays wet when not in use.

Simms T2005 Heavy Duty Trade Paint Roller Tray is available to purchase in singles or packs of 3 at an even better discount.

pack of 3£23.93

*all prices include VAT