Simms Paint Tray Cover

Simms Paint Tray Cover ( T-2015 ) for use with Simms T-2005 Paint tray and T-2010 Tray Liner. It attaches securely through corner pegs on the T-2005 Paint Tray, allowing you to take a break from painting, without your paint drying out.

**Watch a 60 second YouTube video of the Simms TrayArm Paint Tray System.**

Includes opening for roller frame handle, so that sleeve and paint roller frame can be left assembled under the cover.

Designed for use with Simms A-2007 Tray Arm tool: Lift Tray Arm clamp, fit cover, then close Tray Arm clamp again so that it sits in the Covers end groove. Your extension pole may be left in 'cup-like' holder and stood up in the Tray Arm, safely off the floor.

The cover is designed to allow a second paint tray to be stacked on top of the cover for convenient storage.

Simms Paint Tray Cover is sold in packs of 3, or full cartons containing 25 covers to save you even more.

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