Bonda Wood Hardener

Bonda Wood Hardener is a moisture hardened one component resin for hardening rotten and decaying wood. Just think about it - all wood contains some moisture so a resin that actually uses moisture to harden has a distinct advantage over any system that does not. Wood Hardener is easily applied by brush, and penetrates deep into the fibres of the wood bonding them together to provide a solid matrix of wood fibres and resin. When cured the surface will be tough and hard, sealing the surface from further water penetration.

To re-surface the hardened wood use a two component wood filler such as WoodFill. This will enable the hardened wood to be filled level with the sound wood and permanently surface the rotted area. The WoodFill can be applied as soon as the surface of the Wood Hardener has become finger tacky. Alternatively it can be filled later.

Bonda Wood Hardener is available in 500ml sized cans.

500 ml£10.59

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