Bonda WoodFill SuperSoft 2 Part Wood Filler

Bonda Wood Fill SuperSoft is a superb 2 part, quick setting wood filler with a difference. The fine particle size provides a dense smooth surface. Wood Fill hardens with a non-tack surface that is easy to sand and has minimal paper clogging. Does not slump on application and is ideal for filling both shallow and deeper imperfections in wood. Also for skim coating and grain filling. It can be used for building up damaged edges on joinery, filling shakes and splits in wood.

It is easy to carve and shape with woodworking tools, cutting as easily as wood, almost like balsa but leaving a firm rigid surface. Sanding is also extremely easy with the wood and filler sanding at the same rate leaving a smooth flat surface. Formulated with the interests of the woodworker and modeller in mind it can be chiselled, filed, drilled and sanded with abandon. WoodFill Super Soft Woodfiller has proved to be very effective at filling screw holes, joints and other surface imperfections in MDF. The filler has been tested and approved, and is now specified by leading manufacturers of Medium Density Fibreboard including 'Caber Board' and 'Medite Board'.

It is so light that it floats on water. Not maybe, as important a consideration for the joiner as the modeller repairing a lightweight structure - a model airplane or boat. Containing ultra modern fillers it has a resilience unknown with other fillers which allows nails and screws to be driven into and through the hardened filler with impunity and ease.

Super-soft has a slightly open grained texture and takes normal woodstains easily thus making it even simpler to replicate the texture and finish of wood. The filler retains all these superb characteristics indefinitely.

Consider buying a U-POL Onion Mixing Board too, this contains 100 disposable sheets of special chemically resistant, non-absorbing paper. It's great for mixing filler, epoxies, and putty. When you are finished, just tear it off and the next sheet is clean and ready for use.

Bonda Wood-Fill SuperSoft is available in 'Cream' for light wood, and 'Dark' for hardwood, in the following sizes:

  • 200g (Equivalent volume to original 500g pack)
  • 500g (Equivalent volume to original 1.5kg pack)
  • 1.3kg (Equivalent volume to original 4.0kg pack)
200 gram£14.04
500 gram£31.21

*all prices include VAT