U-POL Onion Board - Filler Mixing Board / Palette / Pad 100 tear-off sheets

U-POL Onion Board ia a rigid filler mixing board, or mixing palette, with integrated thumb-hole, so that you can conveniently grip it like an artists palette. Each Onion board contains 100 tear-off sheets of special chemically resistant, non-absorbing paper.

  • Clean solution for the mixing filler pastes and materials.
  • Reduces pinholing.
  • Specially formulated paper avoids soaking up resins and solvents.
  • Paper is bonded on 3 sides to keep it smooth and stable in use.
  • Simply tear off and discard used sheet.

It's great for mixing 2-part fillers, epoxies, and putty. When you are finished, just tear it off and the next sheet is clean and ready for use. It a quick, clean and convenient solution for mixing 2-part fillers.

Stop wasting time looking for old bits of cardboard which soak up the the resin in the filler, or, wasting time cleaning your plastic mixing pads. Get a new, clean mixing surface in seconds. Decorators who try them, say they will never go back to their old ways of mixing 2-part fillers.

The U-POL Onion board measures 11.5 x 10 inches, the mixing pad area measures 8.5 x 10 inches. It's available in singles, or packs of 3 boards to save you even more.

pack of 3£32.68

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