U-POL Fantastic Multi-Purpose 2-Part Filler

U-POL Fantastic Multi-Purpose 2-Part Filler is the latest in light weight, easy sanding polyester fillers that can be used for deep filling or finishing. The cream coloured material, combines excellent filling properties together with the easiest sanding of all the U-POL fillers. It hardens in as little as 15 minutes. It bonds strongly to wood, metal, (even galvanised) concrete and GRP, and despite it's easy working and spreading characteristics, it does not slump, and leaves a pinhole free dense surface after sanding. It can be overcoated with any paint.

It's ideal for repairing holes, splits and shakes in timber. Reparing damaged edges on joinery. Filling holes, dents in cars and metal vehicle bodies. Filling cracks and holes in concrete, and building up damaged areas. Repairing and skim coating GRP.

U-POL Fantastic Multi-Purpose 2-Part Filler is available in a traditional tin containing 3 litres of filler, and a squeezable bag, with rsealable screw-fit cap containing 1 litre of filler. Each comes with hardener.

The mouth of the bag has the correct ratio of opening to the supplied hardener, this allows you to easily estimate the correct amounts of material to dispense. Simply squeeze out two equal length lines of filler and hardener, then mix together. It's a great innovation.

Consider buying a U-POL Onion Mixing Board too, this contains 100 disposable sheets of special chemically resistant, non-absorbing paper. It's great for mixing filler, epoxies, and putty. When you are finished, just tear it off and the next sheet is clean and ready for use.

U-POL Fantastic Multi-Purpose 2-Part Filler is available in handy 1 Litre bags which include 1 x 20g hardener, and a 3 Litre tin which includes 1 x 50g hardener + spreader. For professional use, wear safety equipment when using product. See safety data sheet.

1 litre£26.98
3 litre£42.28

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