Brush Mate Trade 20 Paint Brush Storage System

Brush Mate Trade 20 paint brush storage system enables you to store up to 20 wet paint brushes used with traditional oil-based/alkyd coatings without cleaning them. Brushes can be stored for months, whilst the replaceable wicking vapour panel remains active and wet. Size: 350mm high x 300mm wide x 220mm deep.

  • Stores wet paint brushes instantly for any length of time.
  • Brushes ready for immediate use without cleaning.
  • Stores up to 20 paint brushes.
  • Brushes suspended in vapour, not liquid.
  • No bent bristles or rusty ferrules or fixings.
  • Prolongs brush life.

The special Brush Mate liquid evaporates from the vapour panel very slowly, producing a powerful heavier-than-air solvent vapour that fills the container. This vapour prevents the solvent evaporation and film formation of oil-based or alkyd paints and varnishes.

Under normal temperatures and useage you can expect to replace the 250ml bottle of fluid in your Trade 20 every 2-3 months.

The Trade 20 has won the British Decorators' Association 'Tool of the Year' award on a number of occasions and is considered essential equipment by most professional painters. The Trade 20 removes the need to clean your paint brushes unless changing colour, it also keeps your paint brushes in tip top condition; no rusting ferrules; no dry paint in the stock. Standing paint brushes in a container or paint kettle results in bent bristles, whilst frequent cleaning of brushes can reduce their effecive life. Many painters and decorators like the Trade 20 because it keeps their brushes together for convenient transit and carrying.

The Trade 20 is designed to be used with all conventional oil based paints and varnishes (i.e. all paints and varnishes which normally require brushes to be cleaned in white spirit/turps substitute). The Trade 20 does NOT work with water based or acetone based paints (introducing water or water based paints into your Trade 20 can cause irreversible damage).

The Trade 20 can be used with all paint brushes except those with copper or brass ferrules or rivets which will corrode when in contact with the fluid vapour. Sometimes the covering of the handle may be slightly softened by exposure to the fluid vapour - choosing brushes with bare wooden handles avoids this inconvenience.

The Brush Mate Trade 20 box comes complete with all clips, drip mat, vapour panel and a 250ml bottle of Brush Mate fluid.


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