Durham Blended Bristle Paint Brush

The Durham Mixed Bristle Paint Brush is a semi-professional paint brush which is suitable for the cost conscious contractor or DIY'er. Hand made in the UK using selected black Chinese bristle blended with synthetic filament.

Medium to soft bristle blend with naturally flagged tips and round chisel profile. Good bristle length out, but with slightly thinner stock and therfore less bristle filling than our Chester Pure Bristle Paint Brush. Produces a good finish with traditional oil-based and alkyd paints and coatings. American style high gloss epoxy coated plastic handle, with rust resistant bevelled ferrule. It's a workman-like blended bristle paint brush at a realistic price point.

Size Length Out Stock (thickness)
0.5 inch 41mm 3/8 inch
0.75 inch 41mm 7/16 inch
1 inch 53mm 5/8 inch
1.5 inch 56mm 5/8 inch
2 inch 67mm 6/8 inch
2.5 inch 72mm 13/16 inch
3 inch 77mm 13/16 inch
4 inch 84mm 13/16 inch


Available in 0.5 inch to 4 inch sizes, and you save more if you order in carton quantities.

single1/2 inch£1.36
carton of 121/2 inch£14.94
single3/4 inch£1.65
carton of 123/4 inch£17.22
single1 inch£2.47
carton of 121 inch£27.59
single1.5 inch£3.53
carton of 121.5 inch£35.90
single2 inch£4.82
carton of 122 inch£53.37
single2.5 inch£7.29
carton of 122.5 inch£79.08
single3 inch£8.54
carton of 123 inch£98.80
single4 inch£13.01
carton of 64 inch£75.88

*all prices include VAT

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Durham Blended Bristle Paint Brush