Extension Pole Paint Brush Extender

The Extension Pole Paint Brush Extender, is a tough and durable paint brush and decorating tool holder which fits any screw-fit extension pole. Use for painting hard to reach projects, and at difficult angles. Will accept virtually any paint brush or tool that will fit inside the push-fit spring tool clamp, fits virtually all paint brush handles.

  • Paint high, or hard to reach projects at difficult angles.
  • Easy angle adjustment.
  • Fits all our screw-fit extension poles.
  • Accepts virtually all paint brushes.

Solid galvanised metal adjustable arm, and black stove enameled spring tool clamp, with a heavy duty polypropylene screw-fit handle which fits all our screw fit extension poles. Useful when painting, scraping, wire brushing, sweeping, dusting or cleaning hard to reach areas.

Adjustable arm section rotates tool to any position, and is fixed in position with a locking wing nut. (Pictures show a paint brush and extension pole for illustrative purposes which are not included). Overall length 300mm (at maximum extension).

Extention handle for paint brushes is available in singles, and packs of 3 Paintbrush Extender adaptors to save you even more.

pack of 3£43.36

*all prices include VAT