Fossa Caulk Saver - 6 meter roll

Fossa Caulk Saver is a soft round cellular foam packing strip, designed to reduce the amount of caulk or filler that you need to use to seal large cracks or joints. It works with most types of caulk and sealant.

Select the right diameter (normally a little larger than the gap you need to fill). Then simply pack the highly flexible Caulk Saver into the joint, crack, or around windows, doors or other trim - making sure to leave sufficient space to apply caulk or filler.

Ideal for uneven gaps between skirting and wonky walls, gaps around doors and windows, and plugging cracks. It's closed cellular polythene construction offers good insulation, and produces an effective thermal break, it also makes it particularly moisture resistant.

  • Use behind caulks to fill wide cracks and save on caulk.
  • Use with most types of caulk and sealant.
  • Plugs gaps between 4mm - 25mm.
  • White, closed cell extruded foam material.
  • Moisture repellant.

Fossa Caulk Saver is sold coiled in 6 meter (19.5ft) lengths, and available in 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, 20mm & 25mm diameters.

6mm dia.£1.63
10mm dia.£3.10
13mm dia.£3.76
15mm dia.£4.39
20mm dia.£5.83
25mm dia.£9.01

*all prices include VAT

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Fossa Caulk Saver - 6 meter roll