Zwaluw Anti Crack Decorators Caulk / Filler

Zwaluw Acryl Anti-Crack Decorators Caulk is a top quality one component, plastic elastic sealant that is excellent to apply, dries quickly, and can be overpainted in 1-2 hours. It's more expensive and unique formulation dramatically reduces paint cracking & crazing, which often causes problems when using standard decorators caulks. We recommend applying it with the NEW Fossa Masterful caulking gun for effortless application, and really excellent control.

Use for sealing and filling of gaps and cracks where movement can occur such as between plaster work, window frames, door frames, skirting boards and architraves, coving, windowsills etc. Use prior to painting or papering to prevent unsightly cracks developing at a later stage. Can be used internally and externally (under good drying conditions, and when protected from rain for at least 5 hours). It contains Den Braven's UCA® technology for excellent tolerance with waterborne and Alkyd paints.

After curing Zwaluw Acryl AntiCrack Decorators Filler is weather and rain resistant. In general Zwaluw Acryl Anti Crack Decorators Caulk will show good adhesion without a primer on building materials like concrete, brickwork, painted wood, anodised aluminium and uPVC. Smooth off while wet, do not attempt to abrade when cured.

Remember you can use our handy Fossa Caulk Saver to reduce the amount of caulk or filler that you need to use to seal large cracks or joints.

You can also buy spare nozzle's with screw on caps to keep caulk from drying out between use, and consider buying Fossa Caulk Tube Caps. You can also buy a flexible adaptor to adjust the angle of your nozzle for awkward jobs.

Zwaluw Acryl Anti-Crack Decorators Caulk is available in 310ml sized cartridges with extremely good savings available when you purchase in carton quantities of 12 cartridges. White only.

carton of 12£21.20
carton of 48£86.58

*all prices include VAT