Fossa Superstain WB Exterior Woodstain

Fossa Superstain WB is a low-maintenance, satin finish, highly translucent, medium-build exterior woodstain for use as a finish over Fossa Substain WB, or for redecorating prepared, sound previously woodstained surfaces. It's a direct replacement for the popular Sikkens Cetol BL31 Plus, and we think it beats it hands down too!

It contains less pigment than Fossa Substain WB, this reduces the risk of obscuring the substrate, producing a beautiful, translucent satin finish that highlights the grain of your timber.

Fossa Superstain WB Exterior Woodstain can cope with the natural movement of the timber, and wears by erosion, minimising peeling and flaking and allowing easier future redecorations. It's highly water repellent, particularly moisture vapour permeable - allowing the wood to breathe and resistant to ultraviolet light, other benefits include a low VOC / low-odour formulation and real low-maintenance benefits.

Fossa Superstain WB exterior woodstain dries exceptionally quickly, often allowing you to apply a full three coat woodstain coating system in one day during good weather, which can save a great deal of time, as well as labour and equipment hire costs. Considering the changable weather conditions in the UK this has proven to be of real benefit for painting contractors, yet there is no compromise on the quality of the finish.

Fossa Superstain WB Exterior Woodsatin is ideal for application to all exterior architectural hardwood and softwoods, such as timber windows, doors, cladding etc.

All exterior coatings need to incorporate some pigment within the formulation to protect wood surfaces from Ultra Violet (UV) light from the sun, otherwise UV will quickly denature wood fibres on the surface of your timber, turning them grey and denatured, which usually results in the loss of adhesion of any existing paint coating film by blistering and flaking. Choose one of our lighter coloured pigments if you wish to minimise any colour change, but do use a pigmented woodstain!

Coverage: 10-12 square meters per litre per coat, depending on surface condition and timber species.
Application: Stir/shake very well before use - right to the bottom of the can. Apply 2 coats over the top of Fossa Substain WB, or, 2 coats to sound, previously woodstained surfaces, that have been properly prepared, and are dry. Previously woodstained surfaces must be very lightly abraded to provide a key for Fossa Superstain WB. Any bare areas of timber must first be coated with Fossa Substain WB. Apply Superstain WB to surfaces using a good quality synthetic paint brush. Denib lightly between coats with Fossa Brass Wire Wool for the best finish, taking care not to break through the coating film. Do not apply when drying and application temperatures are below 10 deg C.
Touch dry: minimum 1 hours. Recoatable: minimum 4 hours. Fully dry: minimum 12 hours, full hardness in 7 days. (Drying times based on good drying conditions 20 deg C  and less than 65% humidity).
Clean-up: Clean tools and equipment in warm soapy water.
Do not thin, wet edge can be extended using Zamix Latex Extender.

Note: Actual woodstain colour achieved will vary depending on surface condition and timber species. Always apply a test application to an inconspicuous area to satisfy yourself as to suitability.

Fossa Superstain WB Exterior Wood Stain is available in Chestnut and Mahogany. Supplied in 2.5 Litre metal cans.

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Fossa Superstain WB Exterior Woodstain

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