Junckers Sylva Wash Polish Matt

Junckers Sylva Wash Polish Matt is a cleaning and maintenance polish for use on wooden floors lacquered using Junckers High Performance Ultra Matt. It washes and conditions the surface and maintains the lacquers Ultra Matt finish. Provides a repellant and slip resistant film.

System Recommendations:

Weekly Maintenance To 10 litres of water add 100 ml of Junckers Sylva Polish (1%). Spread the washing solution over a suitable area, then mop up with a well wrung cloth or mop without rinsing. NB: For high traffic areas the floor can be treated more frequently.

Basic Cleaning If the Sylva Polish does not make the floor sufficiently clean, Junckers Sylva Strip basic cleaner can be used. Afterwards treat the wood floor as described under Weekly Maintenance.

Important Floors treated with Sylva Wash Polish Matt should not be buffed as this will make them slippery. Always use a very well wrung cloth or mop to prevent water damage.

Available in 1.0 Litre size.

1 litre£15.17

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