Keen Transparent Acrylic Matt Aerosol Spray

Keen Transparent Acrylic Matt-Satin Aerosol Spray, is a completely non-yellowing matt-satin, clear, colourless coating which produces a beautifully subtle lustrous protective finish on all wood surfaces, most metals (steel, cast iron, aluminium, galvanised etc.), stone, concrete, PVC, paper and card etc. and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

You can see a photograph of an example three coat application of the product on to bare Oak, on the right hand side of the page.

It is suitable for increasing the protection of all surfaces previously coated with Keen Spray Paints. Always degrease metal surfaces with Fossa Grax-it. After each coat is dry, always denib wood surfaces gently with Fossa Brass Wire Wool to produce a professional finish. For larger projects use our Aerosol Spray Trigger Gun for easier fatigue-free application. Keen Transparent Acrylic Matt-Satin Aerosol Spray cans are fitted with, self-cleaning valve's, safety cap, use genuine 15 bar resistant containers, and ozone safe propellant. Drying times: Touch dry in 15 min, Fully through dry in 24 hours. These times are based on a temperature of 20°C, normal relative humidity (60% RH) and good drying conditions. Do not apply if temperatures are below 15°C, especially in areas of low ventilation. Not suitable for use on porcelain, ceramic and polystyrene.

Keen Transparent Acrylic Matt-Satin Aerosol Spray Varnish/Lacquer is available in 400ml aerosol tins in colorless transparent satin-matt finish. It is sold in singles, and packs of 4 cans to save you even more.

carton of 4£22.36

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