Mirka Mirlon Denibbing Pads 152mm x 229mm

Mirka Mirlon denibbing pads are especially designed for sanding surfaces prior to the application of finishing coats, primers or lacquers. The pads work excellently when sanding wood, plastic, metal components as well as painted surfaces where their woven structure resists clogging.

Denibbing pads may be used wet or dry for cleaning/removal of impurities, oxides and dirt. The three dimensional structure of the pads is easy to use on contoured surfaces and profiles, as well as areas which are difficult to reach. Mirka Mirlon pads are recomended when decorating for the removal of raised grain on timber after an initial coating has been applied, and recommended for denibbing between subsequent coats.

Mirka Mirlon Denibbing pads are a cost effective, and economical alternative to steel wool (they are sometimes referred to as synthetic steel wool), abrasive cloth and abrasive papers. The fine grits are excellent for applying wax.

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Pad size: 152 mm x 229 mm x 10 mm. Aluminium Oxide abrasive ('Green' general purpose and 'Red' very fine pads), Silicon Carbide abrasive ('Grey' ultra fine pads), Phenolic resin bonded to nylon fibre pad. Available in box's of 20 pads, although they are available to order as single pads, in grit 320 (green - general purpose), grit 360 (red - very fine) and grit 1500 (grey - ultra fine).

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Mirka Mirlon Denibbing Pads 152mm x 229mm