Mirka Hand Dust Extraction Sanding Grip Block 115 x 230mm

Mirka's Hand Dust Extraction Sanding Block 115 x 230mm / 36 holes, is their largest vacuum block. It's large size is ideal for large flat surfaces such as walls and ceilings. It allows you to hand sand wood, paints and coatings, plaster and drywall, whilst you collect the sanding debris with a dust extraction vacuum.

Designed for use with Mirka's Abranet, Autonet and Abranet Eco range of net abrasives, it can however be used with any abrasive sanding sheets or strips that use a hook n loop / Velcro type fastening system. In addition to Abranet sanding strips, it's 115 mm width allows it to use Abranet 115mm rolls with a minimum of cutting.

Dust and debris are removed through 36 holes in the sanding tool directly to a vacuum cleaner which makes the job easier and quicker because time isn’t spent protecting the surroundings from dust contamination. It makes the sanding of surfaces, walls and ceilings faster, more effective and dust-free.

When  attached to a dust extraction vacuum, You'll find that you only need to use light pressure because the sanding tool is drawn by suction towards the surface when sanding. The blocks 20mm hose connection incorporates an adjustable suction valve to allow for optimised dust extraction and air flow. This allows the tool move easily over the surface. The block also comes complete with a 20/28mm adaptor, which allows direct attachment to Mirka's Ceros and Deros hoses.

It's worthwhile considering buying Mirka's Hand Sanding Block together with a matching interface pad (see links on right hand side of page), and Mirka's standard 4 meter hose, as the hose is fitted with a universal conical adaptor, which fits many dust extraction machines.

Tip: If you're sanding skirting boards adjacent to carpet gripper rods, consider purchasing a gripper rod protector, to protect your hands from cuts.

Mirka's Hand Dust Extraction Sanding Block 115 x 230mm is sold in singles and packs of 2 blocks to save you even more.

pack of 2£50.47

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