Plain Premium Coving 244mm wide

Super large sized plain profile premium coving, manufactured from a lightweight, yet strong high density polyurethane resin material which captures the finest detail and is indistinguishable from traditional plaster coving. Produced in metal moulds, rather than using an extrusion process to allow very deep relief. Our premium coving is much lighter than plaster (gypsum) coving - and much easier to handle and fix. Available in 2400mm lengths for easy fixing.

Dimensions: 170mm along ceiling x 175mm down wall x 2400mm length.

  • Authentic deep relief.
  • Pre-primed - for easy painting.
  • Durable polyurethane resin material captures the finest detail.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Allows some flexibility when fixing to uneven walls and ceilings.
  • Won't crack, rot or split easily.

Cuts beautifully with any standard 20-22" hard point or panel saw for perfect joints and mitres using an appropriate mitre block. More tolerant of uneven walls than our Styrene resin coving. Rigid, crisp white pre-primed surface ready to be finished with any standard decorative coating.

Use MS Polymer Adhesive & Sealant to to glue each length of Polyurethane coving to the next. This produces an excellent flexible bond between each length of coving, to resist cracking at the joints. Also use it for fixing Polyurethane coving to standard interior wall and ceiling surfaces. It can also be used for filling gaps. We suggest that customers allow one 290ml cartridge of MS Polymer Adhesive & Sealant for fixing every 2-3 lengths of coving, depending on coving size. Finish with Decorators Caulk.

Check measurements of the coving on site before installing, as there may be some minor differences in the dimensions shown on our web site. Length shown is underestimated to allow for trimming of ends if neccessary. These products are produced by hand using metal moulds to produce an unrivaled authentic deep relief, it is expected that you may occasionally find superficial scratches or marks on the surface. Lightly denib facing surfaces, and brush down to remove any surface dust and particles before installation.

single length£80.68
box of 8£550.23

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Plain Premium Coving 244mm wide