Prestonett Ready Mixed Joint Filler

Prestonett Ready Mixed Joint Filler is an excellent professional ready-mixed joint filler which dries white, best one on the market we think! Use for taping and jointing tapered edge plasterboard. Offers excellent adhesion and minimal shrinkage. Easy to trowel and feather, and easy to sand. Each tub

Prestonett Ready Mixed Joint Filler can be applied upto a maximum thickness of 3mm per application. Fill the joint and embed the joint tape and then cover with the filler, to fully fill the tapred edge board using filling blade, or jointing a taping knife, and feather out onto the board. Once dry sand to a smooth surface and apply a second coat, feathering out further than the first. Note: Fill any gaps greater than 3mm using Prestonett Multi-Purpose Filler.

  • For interior taping and jointing.
  • Application up to 3mm mm thick.
  • Smooth white finish.
  • Easy to sand.
  • May be overpainted when completely dry.

Working time: Unlimited. Coverage: 0.35 kg per linear meter. Use on: Plasterboard Preparation: substrates must be hard, cohesive, clean, sound and dry. Clean-up: with water.

Prestonett Ready Mixed Joint Filler is available in 7 kg resealable plastic tubs, with a  comfortable wide plastic handle.

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Prestonett Ready Mixed Joint Filler

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