Purdy Colossus Mini Paint Roller 4.5 inch / 0.5 inch pile

Purdy Colossus Mini Paint Roller Sleeve is a 4.5 inch medium pile paint roller refill manufactured using a 0.5 inch/12mm twist pile 100% polyamide fabric. Offering good paint holding capacity and release. However, bear in mind it's only compatible with the Purdy and Fossa Cage Mini Paint Roller frame (listed on the right hand side of this page), and won't fit other industry standard stick mini paint roller frames. Fabric is semi closed on one end, which helps when painting into corners.

Solvent-resistant. Suitable for use with all decorative paints. Handy for smaller projects, tight areas, touch-up, around and behind radiators etc. It's also available in a longer 6.5 inch long version for painting larger areas.

The 4.5in Purdy Colossus Mini Paint Roller Sleeve is sold as single sleeves, packs of 2, and packs of 10 mini paint roller sleeves to save you even more.

pack of 2£3.12
pack of 10£15.05

*all prices include VAT