Purdy Revolution Mini Paint Roller Frame.

Purdy Revolution Jumbo Mini Paint Roller Frame. The Purdy Revolution Mini Roller frame only accepts Purdy 4.5 inch, and 6.5 inch mini paint rollers (Colossus and White Dove).

Also consider the new fossa 12 inch Mini Cage Paint Roller Frame, and 24 inch Flexi Mini Cage Frames, these frames fit all Wooster Jumbo-Koter Mini Roller Sleeves, and Purdy Mini Roller Sleeves, in addition to our new Fossa Velsoft Microfibre Mini Sleeves. rather than being restricted to using just Purdy sleeves with the Purdy mini roller frame.



Chrome frame. Screw-fit soft touch handle, which is also compatible with Purdy's quick-release Power lock Extension poles. 2nd Generation locking system for 2018. Size 12 inches.

pack of 6£31.78

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