Purdy Powerlock Extension Pole - 2nd Gen

Purdy Powerlock extension pole, is their latest 2nd generation pole for 2017, which has ironed out some of the kinks with the previous generation. A tough professional 2 stage extension pole which uses Purdy's patented quick-release POWER-LOCK tip, for use with Purdy POWER-LOCK tools, stopping them twisting or loosening. It's also compatible with most standard threaded roller frames and tools, allowing you to use it with alternative branded tools - when you need to!

  • Quick release bayonet tip for Purdy tools only, prevents tools loosening.
  • Standard Screw-fit tip fits most roller frames and tools.
  • Rugged lightweight fibreglass outer pole.
  • Anti-twist inner pole.
  • Push button lock allows free pole adjustment - to any length.
  • Non-slip soft textured hand grip.
Size Closed length* Open length*


1-2 ft  460mm 650mm  500g
2-4 ft  760mm  1225mm  700g
4-8 ft  1400mm  2440mm  1070g
6-12ft  2300mm  3650mm  1400g


Purdy Powerlock extension pole is available in 4 different sizes, to purchase as singles, or in pack quantities saving you even more. *Sizes and weights shown are approximate.

single1 - 2 ft£22.98
pack of 31 - 2 ft£68.80
single4 - 8 ft£37.44
pack of 34 - 8 ft£110.24

*all prices include VAT