Flexible Foam Sanding Pads

A general purpose flexible foam sanding pad, manufactured from a soft, high quality foam (sponge), producing a flexible non-cracking multi-purpose abrasive pad which can deform for use on profiled surfaces. The soft flexible structure of the abrasive foam pad is ideal for use within the decorating industry for paint, metal and wood preparation and/or de-nibbing. T

These Chinese flexible foam sanding pads are fine for most projects, but they don't have quite the same cutting power as our more expensive 1st grade european manufactured abrasive foam pads. The pad is coated on both sides and can be used wet or dry. It lasts much longer than conventional sandpaper.

Each pad measures approx. 96x122x12 mm. They are available in Coarse (P60), Medium (P100) and Fine (P180) grades for purchase in singles, or packs of 24 pads at a superb discount.

pack of 24£11.21

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Flexible Foam Sanding Pads