Prodec Premier Synthetic 6 pc Paint Brush Set (1x3 2x2 2x1.5in)

The Prodec Premier Synthetic 6 Piece Paint Brush Set contains six, good value for money synthetic paint brushes. These use genuine Solid Round Tapered (SRT) filaments, these are tapered, ensuring good paint pickup with gradual and even paint release over a greater area.

The Prodec Premier Synthetic 6 piece Paint Brush Set contains the following paint brushes:

  • 2 x 1.5 inch/38mm (Thickness 19mm; Bristle Length Out 63mm)
  • 2 x 2 inch/50mm (Thickness 20mm; Bristle Length Out 69mm)
  • 1 x 3 inch/75mm (Thickness 21mm; Bristle Length Out 81mm)
  • plus a FREE 2 inch Angled cutting in paint brush

The Prodec Premier Synthetic Paint Brush offers good performance with oil (solvent-borne) coatings, and is ideal for use with emulsion and acrylic (water-borne) coatings including varnishes, woodstains and lacquers for trim work.

Manufactured using a plain unvarnished hardwood beavertail handle. Genuine polished stainless steel (rust resistant) bevelled ferrule and fixings. Twin wooden spacers below the ferrule improve paint loading and release. Selected filaments give just the right amount of flex, and are blended for more even paint coverage. Filament ends are tipped and flagged for a good finsh, leaving little in the way of brush marks. After use they are easy to clean and should be replaced in the 'keep' provided with each brush.

The Prodec Premier Synthetic Paint Brush is an good mid range synthetic paint brush, at a good price. It's a solid performer amongst painting contractors who need a solid workman-like paint brush at a good price.

The set consists of 2 x 1.5inch(38mm), 2 x 2inch(50mm), and 1 x 3inch(75mm) size SRT brushes, together with a free 2 inch angled cut stubby handled paint brush ideal for cutting in. These brushes are also available to purchase in single sizes or full boxes (see links on right hand side of page).

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