Self-Adhesive Paint Pad Handle

The Self-Adhesive Paint Pad Handle is designed to fit our specialist self-adhesive flocked paint pad refills. The refills are disposable, and designed for one use only for specialist projects where you don't want to use standard foam backed paint pad. 

The Self-Adhesive Paint Pad Handle uses a high quality adjustable handle design. The handle can be fixed at different angles to the backing plate. The ivory coloured paint pad backing plate slides onto handle either horizontally or vertically as you require.

Two sizes of Self adhesive Paint Pad Handle are available. One is fitted with a smaller 2in x 2.5in backing plate, and the other is fitted with a larger 5in x 2.5 size. They are designed to fit both sizes of our self-adhesive flocked paint pads.

The handle accepts any of our push-fit or screw-fit extension poles, as it uses a patented combined design. Simply pop-out the screw-fit thread insert, if you wish to use it as a push-fit handle.

single2 x 2.5 inch£2.88
pack of 32 x 2.5 inch£7.84
single5 x 2.5 inch£3.31
pack of 35 x 2.5 inch£9.09

*all prices include VAT

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Self-Adhesive Paint Pad Handle

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