Self-Adhesive Paint Pad Refills

Packs of 10 innovative disposable self-adhesive paint pad refills which can get into the narrowest gaps. These paint pads are flocked directly onto a special self-adhesive backing - they have no foam core. Just peel off their backing and stick them onto whatever you like. Because these paint pads are self-adhesive, they are only a 'one-shot' disposable paint pad for temporary use. Remove the pad from your chosen tool, and dispose of them immediately after use.

We really love these pads. Here are some example uses...

  • Stick them to one side of your scraper to enabling you to paint and seal the bottom of internal and external wooden doors, without having to remove the door from it's hinges. Moisture getting into your door is the No.1 cause of sticking and badly fitting doors - due to swelling of the timber.
  • Wrap them around both sides of your scraper to easily paint between the slats of louvre doors, and shutters, as well as other nooks and crannies.
  • Or, stick them to our dedicated Self-Adhesive Paint Pad Handle for painting flat surfaces on projects where you don't want to use a standard paint pad with a foam backing.

These pads use a strong water-proof adhesive, and are suitable for temporary use with both standard water-borne and solvent-borne decorative paints and coatings.

Our Self-Adhesive Paint Pad Refills are only sold in packs of 10 pads, and available in 2 sizes, a smaller pad approx. 2in x 2.5in in size, and a larger pad approx. 5in x 2.5 in size.

2 x 2.5 inch£7.18
5 x 2.5 inch£12.20

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Self-Adhesive Paint Pad Refills

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