Toupret Wall Hardener - Penetrating Substrate Hardener

Toupret Wall Hardener is a highly penetrating, alcohol-based, clear resin stabiliser for binding and stabilising interior (and exterior) porous substrates which are loose, dusty, chalking and powdery, prior to filling and painting them.

As long as the substrate is porous Toupret Wall Hardener can be used. It is suitable for use on old chalking paints, soft plasters, plasterboard, mortar of lime, cement, brick, stone, distemper, roughcast and wood etc.

Only a single generous application is required, either by brush or roller. The product can also be sprayed. Coverage will vary considerably depending on the porosity / suction of the substrate, however average coverage is 5 square meters per litre. Ensure to use plenty of ventilation if used internally. Do not smoke. Wear safety goggles if applying to the ceiling.

Toupret Wall Hardener is available in 1 litre tins only.


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Toupret Wall Hardener - Penetrating Substrate Hardener