Toupret Wood Filler - Readymixed

Toupret Ready Mixed Wood Filler is a white readymixed filler for interior or exterior use on all types of hardwood and softwood surfaces. It offers improved adhesion on timber substrates compared with standard powered and readymixed fillers. 

Toupret Wood Filler can be applied up to 1 cm thick. Normally dries between 12-24 hours. Smooths and sand easily. Can be drilled or stained. Must be over-coated by a paint coating system.

This is probably the best ready-mixed single pack filler currently on the market for interior use. It's OK for use on exterior projects too, but we still prefer to use a belt-n-brace 2-part polyester filler on exterior projects, because wooden surfaces can experience a lot of movement due to heating and cooling.

Surfaces to be filled with Toupret Readymixed Wood Filler must be hard, dry, sound clean and cohesive. Toupret recommend using their Wood Hardener to improve the adhesion of the filler on timber surfaces, particularly on exterior projects. Always fill very slightly proud of the existing surface (using masking tape around the area to be filled is often sufficiant). You'll need a good quality flexible filling knife suitable for the size of the area to be filled, a sanding block and abrasive for flat surfaces, or a flexible abrasive pad for contoured surfaces like mouldings. Always wear light-weight protective gloves when using a double sided abrasive pad - to protect your fingers. Use protective equipment if necessary like simple disposable dust masks etc. when sanding to avoid inhaling any dust. Overcoat with any paint, varnish or woodstain to protect the dried filler.

Toupret Ready Mixed Wood Filler is available in a 1.25kg resealable plastic tubs (approximately 1 litre by volume). It's sold in single tubs, and bulk packs containing 6 tubs to save you even more.

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Toupret Wood Filler - Readymixed

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