Toupret Wood Hardener

Toupret Wood Hardener is a colourless, moisture cured liquid, primarily used following the removal of rotten and decaying timber due to dampness. The wood hardener is a thin liquid which quickly penetrates residual wood fibers in soft and previously decaying timber, strengthening and binding them together. It cures and hardenens within 24 hours, providing a sound, hard consolidated substrate which is ready for filling the next day. (We recommend using our UPOL and BONDA range of 2-part polyester fillers for belt-n-braces exterior projects).

Formulated using a more expensive moisture cured binder makes a great deal of sense, as the wood hardender will cure quite happily using residual dampness and moisture left in the timbers following repair work. However, do not apply directly to wet substrates.

Decant a small amount of liquid into a paint kettle, and apply liberally to the areas to be treated using a cheap disposable laminating paint brush (don't use a good paint brush as you'll ruin it). For very large flat areas consider using a foam mini paint roller and tray. Wear gloves and eye protection etc. if necessary. Do not apply when application and curing temperatures are below 5 deg C.

Toupret Wood Hardener is available in 1 Litre metal cans, to purchase singly, or in bulk packs of 4 x 1L cans at an even better price.

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Toupret Wood Hardener

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